CW: pejoratives 

not like you're directly quoting someone who said the [n word] in real life for literary significance, so I'm wondering if some phrases were only added to get a reaction out of readers. Y.T.'s character is a bit over the top
I can't argue against that the book is super influential in computing, etc., because it is, but I'm not sure if I want to re-read it anymore. I think it's okay to retire an old favorite book.

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CW: pejoratives 

18 year old Tyrel and 31 year old Tyrel have different opinions on Snow Crash now. The Plot is still amazing, one of my favorite books, but damn, some of the writing hasn't aged that well, so I'm not sure how I want to feel about it these days.
Previous times reading/listening to it, I never realized how often words like "[n word]", "retarded", etc. etc. pop up. It was written in 1992 which I guess "retarded" was still one of those words you tossed around, but it's fiction so it's

> @shazow when tyrel crashes and we need to restore from backup, we'll just blend a bunch of watches, cameras, and stickshifts and pour the goo into a tyrel-shaped mold

We're hiring a lot of positions, I want to work with more of my friends! If you apply, lemme know so I can mark you as a referral :)

"can't spell produgoction without go" - Andrey Petrov

2019 IRA Contributions maxed. Time to start the savings goal for 2020.

@shazow I have a "if not django.settings.DEBUG" it raises an error in my one package :)

I like that TLA is an initialism about acronyms.

Just booked tickets and hotel for San Diego at end of January beg of Feb for next year! Excited. Hoping to get some nice warm winter hiking in!

Coworker got me wanting to watch Sailor Moon, so I downloaded some. Just watched first episode.. this show is very dated.

Remind me never to live in Florida. I hate old people. Everything is old people crap.

@limedaring I like this idea the best. People can buy the books and get the same information via print on demand, but then when seeing you in person they can buy a special edition better quality one!

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