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Boston Globe website is such a piece of trash. Paywalls are horrible.

🏃 Today I ran 3.10 miles.

⌚ 0:28:13 (9:05/mi) 161sm cadence
🔥 438 calories
❤️ ??? bpm
🌡️ 48°F 67% rh
⛰️ 164ft elevation gain

fastest 5k in a year
fastest run in 6 months
fastest mile split in 6 months
fastest km split in a month

🏃 Today I ran 3.13 miles.

⌚ 0:29:49 (9:31/mi)
🔥 441 calories
❤️ ??? bpm
🌡️ 60°F

boosting Keenan Szulik,

I'm super excited for RubyConf next month, but couldn't get a ticket in time! Looking for 1 if anyone has extra 🙂

You know, some guys just can't hold their arsenic.

Talked to a customer for the first time since 2012 today. It didn't go badly! I'm still awkward tho.

if anyone wants to be switch friends: SW-1711-7753-4901

It's been almost two weeks since I've been in the office at work. Two weeks without having to ride on the MBTA is a blessing.
Monday I'll be back in the office, I bet the commute will be horrible.

In Nashville. Discovered I have dog allergies. Can't wait to be home and pet free so I can breathe.
But of course my airplane is leaving late.

Note to self: Bring the hearing aid you purchased to work events so you can hear co-workers. Oops left it in the hotel.

Smashrun reminds me it's been 42 days since I ran last :(

I did it. I closed the squid stroking game tab already.

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