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okay let's give this a shot

HELLO I'm Tyu I make games
you can play most of them here
I'm also part of Klondike check their work there

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I had a conversation a few weeks ago with a guy who really enjoyed Get Out.
and then he compared it to The Skeleton Key.
I told him it was weird he was comparing a movie about racism to a movie about ~ a voodoo curse harming white people in a colonial house ~
he told me racism wasn't "the main point" in Get Out
I told him to just research a bit on the director and he'd see it was very much the "main point"
His answer was "ok young lady I'm sure you got a point : ) "
and it still makes me smile

where are the people who don't like cards against humanity

where do they work

where can I find them

I want to join them



things that are super super super girly

and often deemed sexist because “not all girls like girly” “it’s all pink” etc

are actually super empowering (no news for me there)

but also super progressive???

most of the mainstream stuff nowadays is still being super shy but I can’t deny I see hints of non straight love in my magical girl series

and they have been hinting that a male character could become a magical girl for several seasons now aaaaaah

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and I recently watched Utena and just finished reading Claudine, and.... 1978??? and we’re still struggling in 2017 to acknowledge the very existence of those minorities????

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ofc Tomoyo (Card Captor Sakura) is the most explicit lesbian character in that genre, though things don’t end as well for her as for Sakura’s brother and his bf.
even Shaolan is wondering if he’s bi!
(there’s a lot of BS explanations but still! some representation!)

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and I obviously have noticed how some LGBTA+ communities have used the magical girl trope/genre to represent themselves

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now after a very long denial period I’ve been reconciled with pink and super girly things
and as a slightly hardcore Precure fan I’ve noticed that the sisters working on the manga adaptation are making a loooooot of suggestive “fan”arts between the different magical girls,
which makes the shipping, to me at least, almost canon

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my very first (conscious) contact with crossdressing, trans, non binary and gay people was through lolita fashion and all the media that came with it (mangas, movies, books, anime)

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I am slowly coming to the conclusion that a lot, if not everything that comes from Japan and flirts with the extremes of “girliness” is actually super super super queer

I need to dig more into it because I love this

silently implodes as the teacher writes answers to questions in a book, then asks us to write questions that matches those answers

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I got “promoted” in my swedish course today

the new class has a much higher level but the pace is SO SLOW I’m going to explode


"we're a team of hardcore gamers" should be in my top 5 "things people put on their game page that immediately puts me off"

10 hour memes are oddly enough still the best music for me to focus on something

every Ballroom e Youkoso episode makes me more excited than the previous one aaaaaaah 💃

okay let's give this a shot

HELLO I'm Tyu I make games
you can play most of them here
I'm also part of Klondike check their work there

:angery: :angery: :angery:

and with just one emoji Mastodon seems already like a better place :angery:

I'm resetting my Mastodon account to see if I can completely migrate from Twitter to here!
I just hope all my 1800-ish followers will do the same one day hhh 💦


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