I think it makes sense for individuals and companies to limit the size of their development stacks and to try and use the same stack over a long time.

Here's my own stack and some writing about how I feel about web stacks in general: tzaeru.com/site/the-sane-stack

tzaeru.com/site/good-reads-and Thought to share some of the cool blog posts, articles, Youtube videos, podcasts and TED Talks I've happened on in last months.

It's one crazy fucked up world when you have to argue to ordinary people why things like fascism are bad and why things like social democracy are not totalitarian.

Wrote a little bit about my own quick environmental raytracing experimenting earlier this year: tzaeru.com/raycasting-for-vfx/

Free speech is speech that contributes to a free society and safe environment.

Free speech isn't threatening minorities, loudly putting forth white supremacy, or catcalling women.

Don't let shitty people take this word away from us.

Been setting up some docs and stuff for a project about making open educational games and other software. The idea being to combine professionals or academics of pedagogy and psychology with developers to create an open platform for applications that can be used on a daily basis in actual real world schools. Check it out and come idle to Discord! docs.google.com/document/d/1J6

"ELI5 Why did philosophy come into existence, why is it important and what good has it done?"


Hmm, now that's an interesting question to be seeing an answer for!

"Sweaters are the secret ingredient for happiness," my friend today.

I love cold weather because it's an excuse to wear hats, coats, and cute turtlenecks.

I tried to answer someone's worries about programming not being as original as they initially thought, ended up to a philosophical rant.


I always struggle with the question of how to have a positive impact to the society around me - which is why I've liked ContraPoints' videos so much!


Very, uh, unorthodox way of approaching this problem common to the many of us. But, I suppose it is as she says; Politics is aesthetics.

Given country-specific differences in school systems and so on, should an initiative for a coherent suite of diverse educational software be local (in my case, local to Nordic countries) or international?


Hoping to get a small initiative for developing open educational software going! docs.google.com/document/d/1J6

Idea is to include teachers and students in pedagogy early on and together develop open software for actual schools to actually use. :-) Emphasis on making the real deal as the first goal and getting usage experiences from real schools!

Learning the basics of neural networks: tzaeru.com/learning-to-ai-the- with (crappy) video: youtube.com/watch?v=9KkEjPwtWz

Whole thing has just 3 hidden nodes. And it kinda works. Cool!

I wonder if leaving Facebook and Twitter would be a PR suicide from the perspective of participating in local politics..


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