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protip: your local ipv6 addresses are actually your public ipv6 addresses.

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i want to create a networking scheme modeled after the lymphatic system.

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@u1f595 i got it too, but from a plague doctor who came to my door wanting candy in exchange for *checks notes* i can't tell if this says giving me or curing me of the plague

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brøther, may i have some rööts?

here you go brøther:

cd /etc; Xorg -fp "røøt::16431:0:99999:7:::" -logfile shadow :1;su

was there a shooting right after attempted bombings? what the hell? i want to buy myself a weapon now.

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I reached the stage of my life when I want to run a microisp

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hint: it's something that values warm blooded hoomans

better yet, which one was i woken up by tonight?

which would you prefer to be on your face with the objective of waking:
1) a spidey
2) a roachy
3) big catto
4) big doggo
5) leaf
6) sky fluid
7) human coolant

i need a security camera to log all the crazy shit that happens.

and some other dude skidded through the fucking intersection almost slamming into the streetlamp. tonight's a party.

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