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protip: your local ipv6 addresses are actually your public ipv6 addresses.

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fed up with twitter, can this be come my new consumption feed?

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YouTube is no longer the place for creators, I'm afraid. they've basically just become another big network

The internet is not the only way to archive things.

The internet is not the only way to distribute things.

The internet is not eternal. It may not last the rest of our lifetimes. It may be replaced. It may die.

Have a backup plan.

@moz Steamed Hams but it's executed speculatively from kernel memory

hi, this is your daily reminder that raddle.me is good

it's a free software link aggregator with voting and subforums, centered around Leftism and anarchism but including diverse forums

one thing i especially love about it: it is filled with in-depth, thorough, and relevant news, as well as light memes

i'm just gonna keep plugging it routinely because there are so many good memes there i keep wanting to X-post, but i can't do it all day so why don't you all just join me there!

a bot to index sites that appear in the wayback machine that have domains that have expired for easy restoration should one be interested in restoring a particular site to its original domain

I say indoctrinate because the alt-right really is a cult that preys on disillusioned millennial shitposters by constantly feeding them the notion that racism is funny and cool in order to get a base and amplify their ideology online.

It's just another fucking form of bullying and I'm sick sick sick of it, I'm fucking sick of all this rhetoric and pigeonholing and internet faction pseudo-PSYOPS BULLSHIT, no one is going to win in the end

i just wanted to download a fun cartoon but thyanks for the anticapitalist essays i guess

"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, it's not satire, it's bullying."
– Terry Pratchett

UDP on the streets, TCP in the sheets (because i need constant reassurance that everything is okay)

My immune system isn't fighting this flu infection even though I'm sneezing and spreading it. Is this how it's evolved? Is it harmful that my immune system is ignoring it?

Google should congratulate you with virtual fireworks for being the first person to search for a particular keyword phrase.

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