We've seen last weeks a lot a russian military that stole food of , a lot of them are doing this for their profit. Some of food can be saved by paying a "tax". is nothing more than a mafia.

Back in the game, my IT stuff was destroyed, thanks to... weather and poor isolation.

Current status : still 4, in a safe zone, looking for a way to get financing, and continue the fight.

Current status : 4, we've escorted a young boy who lost 2 parents to a safe zone on the west...

Current status : still 4, we're found a shelter with a grand-pa, we will stay here few days.

Current status : Still 4, I think we will move to another city, in mariupol, there is only dead people, soldiers, and ammo bigger than my hand. We've seen a tank that explode today.

So, this week, we was trying to find alive person in a place with tons of people on, seems dead, checking body one by one. Our friend took a bullet from long range in his vest, I think that the damaged vest was not enough protecting. We successfully escape, going to a position where ua soldiers was. our medic and they medic tried to save our friend while 25 minutes that look like 10 hours, but, don't know if it was a special ammo, or if it was deforming cause of vest, but damages was too serious

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It's raining bombs since many days/weeks. In the most of the time, we was outside the city, moving from faubourg (while the night) to city, mainly to give food to citizens, save injured people, ...
We've a girl in our team that was studying medicine, that's probably why we're still alive I guess.
Previous week, a bomb exploded really close to us. Thanks to our bullet-proof vest, we had only few damages. But a vest is like an helmet, when you have an accident, it's less protecting.

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We're not soldiers, just a group of friends, that try to save lifes, not to kill peoples. Yes we have weapons, when someone open fire on us, we reply by opening fire too. We're a fast moving group, and sometimes, Ukrainian army can fire on us, because we have a flag on each arm, but when you've moving, far away, it's not really visible.
We've lost our first friend day 10, the second day 14. In both case, we're not sure about who killed them.

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Current status : 4, we've lost a friend in bad situation few days ago, that's the reason of my silence. Mariupol seems lost, a lost of dead people, few buildings still here. Help.

Current status : Still 5, looking for solutions to get money, to open a new pipeline.

Current status : Still 5, one of us is slightly injured, nothing important, we just have to pay attention of infection.

Current status : still 5, really not easy to go to help peoples where bombs are falling with cluster munitions...

Fun fact, we had a talk with a developer, who develop a small app for an IMSI catcher with raspberry low energy in a platic box. Goal ? It take any russian number that connect to it, and send a texto with content "Send nudes" to all other russian numbers connected to this IMSI catcher.
Trolling level 100.

Current status : temporary 6, a soldier lost his squad, and will pass the night with us.

(A "pipeline" is a plan to evade from our location, get resources (drugs, food, ammo), then going back where we're useful. With contacts that help us, sometimes for free, sometimes against money, especially when we have to corrupt)

Current status : still 5, calm day mostly on road, we have successfully retrieved some food and drugs, we should get ammo later. Our group is now missing of money, I'll be more difficult next time to get a pipeline

Seen something sad today : a dead soldier, without pant and a russian flag in the ass. We've removed the flag, and covered the corpse with it. Dear , be more respectful. Dear , please be respectful with me when I'll be dead.
Dear family of this young soldier (~25 years old), sorry for your lost.

Current status : 3 + 2, we had to split for the night. still nothing to eat, maybe a pipeline tomorrow to get some stuffs (ammo, food, drugs).

Hi @reflets, just had a small talk with citizens that speak about you here, something about this century and "fog of war".

When we fight in a city, we have to take care about camera and microphones that can reveal our position. According to AP, you've warned about a lot of unsecured camera in . Thanks for that.

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