i'm going to start a thread here to archive tweets/videos/images of violence+police brutality from the protests.

please link me to any such cases/sources, thanks.

also honestly it's going to be such a shift not to focus on one achievement to another but focus on routines and habits and finding meaning in the ordinary. the change in perspective that's at the other end of the tunnel is terrifying but also perhaps necessary in a way.

i'm going to graduate in half a year and i will resume with all things schooling only after a year at least. in between there's a shot at proper independent adulthood and that's scary. most people talk about adulthood with such drudgery but i'd honestly like to know what went right for you? what's a good thing about being independent, alone(?) and about work?

but for a change it feels good to not know in advance. to completely and properly enjoy figuring things out. to take the risk of being bad at something, to definitely be bad at something. and then to learn. i could live with that.

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also cannot help but remember how this time last year the only thing i knew was that i didn't want to do a thesis that was fieldwork driven. and then came january when i realised i couldnt but do fieldwork because that would mean speaking for someone and i couldnt do that. and then understanding that i had changed, as a person and as a student, with my interests and my approaches, become someone new, someone im not entirely comfortable with, someone im still trying to figure out.

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today will be my first day of fieldwork. i'm obviously excited, not entirely sure if i'm completely in the zone for it, not sure how i will get there, i have plans to fall back on but my plan A is to play it by ear. today will not be interviews, today will just be getting to know the space, the people, hacking the stories behind the people who hack, digging stories, backgrounds, people; im rambling i know but how else does one get into the zone?

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Some stuff to ward off ennui and despair for the young leftist. You are not alone and your worries are connected to a red thread of struggles spanning eons.

Today is (probably) a anniversary of a millennia old (recorded) first worker's strike. And it had worked.

This day around 3000 years back, year 29 of the reign of Ramses III, workers of Deir el-Medina conducted the first recorded strike

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At the current moment, I feel compelled to write why JNU stands, why I love the space despite having criticized it on multiple account. I have now been part of JNU for 7 years, starting from my masters. I grew up in the way I looked at the world, it really helped me breathe the air of freedom. After my master's, I received the news that I had Cancer, as scary as it was I didn't want life to stop. I sat for the MPhil exam in the middle of my chemotherapy, and cleared.

uff everyone on my twitter TL is at this cool asf conference and i can only hope to be there someday, fleeting hopes as i try to navigate through intersections of interest areas :/

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Advance info :

Tribal farmers ( incl Bhoomi Adhikar Andolan) will rally in New Delhi anytime after the 20th. This is to bring focus on the Forest Rights Act judgement which is expected on the 26th of Nov.
Parliament starts from the 18th.

Media personnel are requested to help.
All the rest of us can help by spreading facts about their plight. We could decide on a common hashtag.

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Another legendary man died yesterday: bureaucrat PS Krishnan, known for doggedly working for SC/STs and the underprivileged from within the system. Also, this is a wonderfully observed obituary.

"After listening to him speak at a meeting, a top bureaucrat told others in the room that Krishnan was very intelligent despite being a Dalit. When some officers pointed out that Krishnan wasn’t a Dalit, the same bureaucrat said this explained his intelligence."

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Mornings at Chandni Chowk have a different charm. The rising sun lights up the whole road from Lal Qila to Fatehpuri Masjid.

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I've been asked by some people here to recommend books by Indian Marxist theoriticians. Here goes.

There is no person as brilliant and with as prolific body of work (he was a scientist, mathematician, historiographer, linguist, and Marxist theoritician) as D. D. Kausambi.

It's criminal how much Kausambi's analysis has been forgotten, read him.

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As promised, code of conduct has been updated to add "casteism and advocation of casteism" to the list of explicitly prohibited offenses

also currently working on the most interesting section of my thesis lit review which is cultures of IT :D

currently reading:
the hacker manifesto from phrack!

(for lit review purposes)

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