Yes, all in all it's a lot less messy finding out now instead of later. :-/

Oh it's even better.

It's already being used as a cover on another author's series.

Honestly, I should have used more due diligence than I did. I mean, shame on me for that. When you swim in the shark-infested waters of self-publishing you should always assume you are the chum.

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"Original Pre-made covers" they said.

What they _didn't_ say was that the "premade" part was on Shutterstock and you can find the damn image all over the internet, including on another Kindle book obviously being sold.

So... well, I feel dumb. But at least I figured it out before I published with the cover.

Now to find a Plan B

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I am getting closer and closer to actually being able to publish Curveball Year Three. Almost. Almost. Almost.

@kelkyag @WizardOfDocs @Tuftears @Rowyn the good news is that in the service of telling a good story you get a lot of rounding errors in your favor. A big part of writing is making the story accessible enough for the reader to be willing to suspend disbelief - after that you just have to say what happens next. There are a lot of different roads that lead to that mountaintop!

@WizardOfDocs @Tuftears @Rowyn @kelkyag I tend to think of character dialog as a specific kind of narrative rhythm, and try to figure out how characters sound when they're monologuing. From there dialog between two people becomes a decision between whether they're engaged in a duet, or whether one side or the other is trying to control the... melody, I guess. If a duet I try to make their rhythms fit together, if not I try to make them clash. So in-story friends/allies have compatible rhythms.

Mastodon, Day Two: I stare at this feed and realize that if I went through all the trouble of setting up an account I'm probably obliged to use it in some fashion.

I recoil in horror at the thought. I distract myself by putting together a new desk.

I know this distraction is fleeting, and that eventually I must reconcile myself to this medium that is, at least in theory, social. But for now, I need to rearrange my space...

@anarchic_teapot I assume the requirement is a) arbitrary, b) per cat, and c) completely determined by the individual cat's preference at any given moment in time.

A 500 character limit... I'm not sure I'm capable of wielding this power without misusing it.

Hi, Mastodon! The only reason I stayed away from you before is that the way it's organized into Mastodon... instances, I guess? Instances. They're confusing. But figuring out instances is potentially less traumatic than having free speech Musksplained to me, so... here I am. I write fiction, and rant semi-regularly, and did a webcomic for a while.

Oh for a muse of ice to turn away,
to cast aside the trumpeting of men:
let there be naught but silence and contempt
before the savage roar of grasping pride.

Let all their aspirations turn to dust,
and all their hope of glory fade away;
no single laurel thrown, or song be sung –
all save for one, a judgment rendered thus:

“Your time is past, and done, now fade to black,
For now it ends, and now you are forgot.”


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