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i'm fighting drinking demons and they're very close to winning for the day...

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UFOs, conspiracy, stonerthoughts 

*smack forehead*
"oh, duh... drones, man!"

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UFOs, conspiracy, stonerthoughts 

Drones are popular these days.

People use them to make videos, they fly them as toys, Amazon wants to use them for delivery, etc...

Drones are a relatively new consumer product.

People have been observing UFOs for decades. We have photos, videos, countless eyewitnesses... They describe objects that zip and dart and change direction almost instantly - something no airplane can do.

The US government will release most of it's classified UFO documents soon.

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Thinking about that time of the year when seasonal depression teams up with long-term depression and you have another one of those times you mix things you shouldn't mix and the next day your partner takes you on a walk through the woods to discuss just what the fuck is wrong with you and you stop to take a picture.

just spent the past few minutes blocking rw accounts on this instance.

perils of expansion. i expect it to get much worse.

watching the star trek where they overthrow a literal nazi alien government.

Should I?

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wow, what a year, I wonder what 2022 has in store for us

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