Ubuntu Touch Q&A 104

Ubuntu Touch Q&A104 is this Saturday 17th of July at 19:00 UTC there is still plenty of time to post your questions. Forum questions get priority so use the forum link before this special Q&A then Youtube Livechat and Telegram during the show.

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@ubports all I want is a Debian container when I open a terminal in Ubuntu Touch. Is that possible, yet? No need for X.

@alrs Ubuntu makes use of lxc containers so in theory it should be possible to ship an app that adds all the extra bits (like anbox does), to run any image you want.

@ubports I just want Debian or Ubuntu in a terminal, like I'd get with Termux on Android.

@alrs Ubuntu Touch is Ubuntu (currently 16.04.), and it does come with a terminal app.

@alrs It does a have a few differences, because it's a modified Ubuntu for smartphones, which have different safety requirements (ie: people need to always be able to call emergency services), but you don't need containers to use a terminal.

@ubports Right. Yeah, there's a terminal app, but it's not a normal Linux environment. I'm hoping that someday there will be a normal Linux environment, even if it's a sandbox.

@ubports Last I checked it wasn't possible to "apt-get install golang", for example.

@alrs That will not work on many linux distributions, that don't have apt. There's no single denition of nornal Linux, because, there's no normal Linux.

@alrs Using apt/having read/write root partions is not safe enough for smartphones, that is why we have libertine containers to allow user to install and run packages from the Ubuntu Archive.

@alrs the documentation talks about desktop applications, but this also applies to CLI applications.

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