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New marketing technique: Pin each and every message you send because they're all important.

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"I'm a success on the streets, call me winnerbago"

My stream is pretty anti-brexit but I want to reinforce that it's not political at all

leaving my dick on the table and waiting for the invisible hand of the free market to jack me off

Subscribe to my twitch and I will neck your mum in front of your dad

I will come to your funeral and shit on your grave if you follow me on twitch

Big Dick Playa is actually a caribbean island named after Richard "Big Dick" Fontescue, who discovered it in 1734

If loving you is wrong then I guess that's it, we had a good run but you can't fight the law

They're fine with you using it.

They're just not fine with me calling anal sex "butt craic"

Your favourite song has the word "come" in it?

Naive. Fool.

They obviously mean cum.

And I said, what about subscribing to HisCursedness?
She said, I think I remember his streams
And as I recall, I think we both kinda liked it
And I said, well, let's go subscribe to

actual lyrics from a hymn 

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