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New marketing technique: Pin each and every message you send because they're all important.

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"I'm a success on the streets, call me winnerbago"

Howdy my names dirty Jim and I'm sorry i farted in you're wifes pussy

what if you started mario kart 8 deluxe and mario said "MARIO KART, EIIIIIIIIII" and it never stopped and kept getting louder and you turned the switch off but it kept going forever

dating 4 rich uncle pennybagses at once... that's what i call a monopolyamorous relationship

Join me in an hour for Fable 3!

Last time I tried to feed a child to a demon door.

I'll be streaming... something Tonight at 8PM BST (in 9 hours).

I'm thinking either Fable 3 or XCOM 2, depending on how tired I am.

actually, 9/11 was the plane. you're thinking of 9/11's monster

i wonder if a t-shirt gun could reliably fire milkshakes

CAN'T STOP the tiredness; WON'T STOP the tiredness

Last Boost: Change UK are the Chris Grayling of political parties

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