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Imagine if the wigs judges wear had been updated as wig technology improved like you're in court for a parking ticket and it looks like a fucking hair metal cover band

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New marketing technique: Pin each and every message you send because they're all important.

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"I'm a success on the streets, call me winnerbago"

Join me tomorrow at 2PM BST (inn 11.5 hours) for Jackbox Party Pack 3!

Last time I played this, I almost died laughing.


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I'm live on with !

⚽🎱🏀 It's Hallowe'en season! Spoop yourself 'til you poop yourself. ⚽🎱🏀

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I hope your day is filled with powerful Labour MP thinks a fetish is a "worry" and boldly declares he has thousands of them, the biggest of which is probably "the horses" energy today.

New Video! Space Engineers - 9 - It was time to leave, HisCursedness had seen everything

"Oh yeah baby," I whisper to the cold, hard English soil, "Take my seed."

when a printer gets aroused does it get a 

Can't believe it's Thursday already. Week's really flown by

How many licks does it take to get down on Friday! Are you even looking forward to the ground.

If you do like that, why not drop a follow on my channel at

There's no obligation to show up, but every follow, every watch, every comment - even if it's just to say "hi!" - helps.

So, you've probably heard me natter on about my stream. Maybe you're wondering if it's for you.

Here's a short compilation of funny moments that came from one Hitman stream, maybe give me a shot?

echoing what I said on Twitter: Serious Sam is a milestone in games as an art form for how deeply it embeds humor into its design, in a way very very few games ever do.

Serious Sam is true art, and I'll fight everyone who says otherwise

I'll be live on at 9:00 PM (ish) (in 7.5 hours) playing !

⚽🎱🏀 It's Hallowe'en season! Spoop yourself 'til you poop yourself. ⚽🎱🏀

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Might fuck around and rebrand my entire corporate image

@udell_games I'm not sure that this degree of innocence belongs in politics :blobcatthinking:

Also, obligatory:

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