Only four more cabinet resignations until Christmas

Only three more cabinet resignations until Christmas

Only two more cabinet resignations until Christmas

Only one more cabinet resignation until Christmas

I'm not sure if, for the purposes of heralding Christmas, I should count a Junior Minister as the final cabinet resignation

I might hold out for a bigger name, as a proper way to bring about Christmas Day. Perhaps Mrs. May herself at this rate

Another resignation in a minor cabinet role, so I'm still holding out for something bigger

@pelagikat Or more specifically, we finally have a deal with the EU and nobody likes it!

@pelagikat Brexit voters hate it, because we're giving the EU unilateral control over several aspects of trade that, according to an EU diplomat in secret communiques, "Will put the UK at a disadvantage" for ten goddamn years.

@pelagikat Neither side is getting an ounce of what they want and the cabinet are throwing Theresa May to the wolves. 12 months too bloody late

@pelagikat At this point I've cultivated an unhealthy sense of morbid entertainment from watching our country just line up at the cliffs and throw ourselves into the sea. If it's going to happen anyway I may as well have a teary laugh as I fall

@udell_games It's a good day if anyone in Aus wants to buy anything in pounds.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me the resignation of a secretary

@udell_games On the third day of Christmas a minister resi... Oh wait, there are no more left in cabinet...

@udell_games if only this would be an episode of Monty Python: The Brexit, Self Imposed Economical Catastrophe in 3 Acts.

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