Quick reminder for those complaining about the Black Hole being blurry that this was the best we had of Pluto in the 90s.

And this is what we have now.

@udell_games it's a shame that Pluto let itself go so much in such a short time

@robotcarsley You try staying off the Ben and Jerry's when a scientific body says you're not a planet

Is there a remind bot on fedi?

/remind me "see black hole photo" in 20 years

@Wolf480pl you can use DuckDuckGo’s “alarm” instant answer for that. just type: alarm 10252800 minutes. all you need to do then is sit down and relax! @udell_games

@pfm @udell_games
I'd rather set up a cron or atd job to send me an email. More likely to survive 20 years than a browser tabl.

not that your system installation is much more likely to survive two decades... :carlinsmug:

@udell_games is the right picture from the probe or from a telescope on or near earth?

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