I wonder if other countries approach Eurovision finals like the BBC, where the host gets progressively more drunk and sarcastic on gin as the evening goes on.

Like, Terry Wogan's drunk/sarcastic hate-coverage of Eurovision was so iconic when Graham Norton took over we would have rioted if he wasn't drunk and sarcastic

@udell_games The German commenter, Peter Urban, is exactly the same but he just sounds so done with life, he doesn't even need alcohol. I think it's an inside joke that the commenter have all agreed on at some point. They are all there to trash-talk everyone and have a good time.

After Eurovision, Peter goes back to commenting on soccer, I think? Idk what he does if he isn't disgusted by 16-year old Popstars.

@pandanouk that's good to hear, I feel like that's how Eurovision should be done tbh

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