Alright editing done for the night, time for some Yahoo Answers posting

Liberals Are Logical asks how he could possibly be more woke?

Technically I'm assuming here but let's face it they're almost certainly male

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There are so many answers about maintaining a good sleep schedule

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I'm not sure a single woke person actually gets a full 8 hours a night honestly

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Being racist 160 years ago means the other party can never be racist ever. Parties are static entities. Just like how the only two parties in the UK are the Whigs and Tories.

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Longhorn Gaylord IV, which if it weren't a US account I'd assume to be a troll account name, has a question that three times I mistook for being about trump.

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This is going to be a shit show. If I'm not back in 5 minutes send help

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Alvin Colmes hasn't realised that the marxists are all on the fediverse and you can't bring a RICO charge on a decentralised system

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Randy Bodandy has, to his credit, heard of the great political switcharoo but still ends up missing it by *that much*

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Vega The Spaniard would like Yahoo Answers to know that he has anal sex.

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Meanwhile in the comments, somebody cosplays being a weasel that can both read and write.

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@udell_games I can well believe that Yahoo! Answers! user "Wyatt Mann" is asking this question entirely in good faith

@aeonofdiscord Every other question on Yahoo Answers is asked in bad faith, it's amazing

@udell_games how is yahoo answers still going. I genuinely thought they'd shut it down at least once

@udell_games surely it's just people trying to get on MBMBaM at this point

@aeonofdiscord I choose to believe it's all shitposting but mainly out of wishful thinking

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