Why do they call it a Meat Feast and not a Carneval

Look, I don't want to alarm you, but I'm 8 subs away from getting my third emote slot.

And subs are half price this month.

So, uh, yeah.


I am officially the owner of cargopants with a chain on. Bring forth the 90s

everyone is really angry that I used my last wish to make it so that babies are born looking like scaled-down versions of their adult selves

to this day I marvel at how Working Designs got that past Sony @udell_games

I'll be live on at 8:00 PM (in 7.5 hours) playing !

🥊🤠 I'm a professional. I have standards. 🥊🤠

>>> twitch.tv/hiscursedness <<<

Bill Murray invited me to join his barbershop quartet.

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