A Brazilian politician now has laser eyes and is showing his support for #Bitcoin

Let's see what happens from here.
As always, better being super bullish but at the same time keep the "don't trust & verify" mindset.
And seriously buidl for #bitcoin, like @JackMallers is teaching us.

on or around 5 February 2020, unknown hackers stole the private keys for the Addresses and deleted copies of the keys on Dr Craig Wright’s computer,

😂 😂 😂 😂

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"Do your own research"
- People who shouldn't be doing their own research

1 US dollar is currently worth nineteen eighty-four sats

if you're going to test github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul i recommend to use i2pd (the C++ router) not the Java one, it's much easier to set up
for example, no need to mess around in a web GUI
it also uses less memory

it doesn't seem to use significantly less CPU while routing though—still more than Tor

JUST IN - Twitter reports $1.14 billion net loss for 2020.

40% of Robinhood's revenue comes from the Melvin's parent company.

Nothing to see here folks...

DDoSecrets has made the 32TB of videos scraped from Parler available to the public! It's in an S3 bucket.

Here's detailed instructions on how to get access to it -- unfortunately it's still not super user friendly ddosecrets.com/wiki/Parler

If you have AWS credentials, you can use this web app to download specific videos parler.ddosecrets.com/

Mail in voting: secure enough for America. Not secure enough for Amazon. 😂


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