Remember when we all wanted to move to Mastodon from Twitter?

The alt-coin market ends with Bcash going to 0 and it's CEOs having public meltdowns.

Sometimes I want to implement a `try / catch` method into go and then, for a second, I am disappointed, before realising again, that that is just sloppy programming. is always a good go to for background music that's not meant to get in the way.

We need more Bitcoiners on Mastodon who post regularly.

Unix will give you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot. If you didn’t think rope would do that, you should have read the man page.

Why are proponents even debating who is right between Jihad, Charles and Federer? It's not like they have a voice in this debate anyway. They should just let their overlords decide for them. It's easier for them and they have to think less.

Text files are the cockroaches of the modern information ecosystem.

They might not look pretty and they scare kids, but they are SUPER well adapted and functional and they'll survive almost anything short of total hard disk failure.

What a joke:

- BCash hard forking again
- Everyone in the thread is appealing to the miners to make the right decision
- Nobody from the Bcash side has come up with the idea yet that they can run their own node and be self-sovereign.
- They just want to be slaves to a few rulers

I want to emphasize that I am very skeptical that #CryptoMastodon will take off. But i'm willing to try, because:

1. We need to learn how to continue the conversation under censorship

2. We need alternatives to Twitter and Reddit

3. Help platforms like @mastodon improve

4. Figure out how to transport identity and reputation

5. Find more alternatives

6. Enjoy some #shitposting

Who co-ordinated the Alex Jones ban on such a level?

We'll be cross posting official news and announcements made on Twitter onto mastodon as well. This hopefully will serve our users who have decided to opt-out or are otherwise unable to access Twitter with timely updates and news regarding Samourai Wallet. Nice to see familiar faces here already 👋

With Alex Jones getting banned on YouTube and having his content ripped from iTunes, platforms like this make far more sense. He should be focusing on uploading his content to IPFS and ZeroNet and using social media platforms like Mastodon to get his voice out there. He should be accepting Bitcoin (if he isn't already).

We need to castrate central planners.


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