special shout out to the mother of all pumps and dumps: Bitcoin Private. ZCL pumped from $4.20 to $166 on the chain swap/fork news. BTCP launched at $62 and ground down to $3.80. the dump is complete

@mastohost can managed instances be migrated elsewhere? For example shared to dedicated? Or off-mastohost?

Is there a way to do automated periodic backups of instance data to off-mastohost storage?

Some people have been asking for list of Bitcoiners to follow. There's lots of excellent people here all with different interests, so I decided to just focus on people who are experts in cryptography (especially the protocols related to Bitcoin), the Bitcoin Protocol, or both. It's currently not many people!

Instead of making a list, I made a beacon account so you can access its follower list via your usual frontend: https://hash.social/users/followsexperts

I'm too lazy to setup my go-to avatar pic from 10 years ago


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