Hey friends, I lost the job that pays my rent and bills on Friday. I have no safety net and I am looking for something new asap!

Things I am good at include social media management and marketing, writing copy, event production, data management, and junior project management. Let me know if you're aware of anything I'd be a good fit for 💕

If you're able to help me with money stuff:

@leiradel NYC, but I am open to both working remotely and relocating for the right opportunity

@uglymachine I can pass your CV around at work and see if anything fits.

@uglymachine Will you email me a little more about yourself -- CV/resume if that's a good way to learn more about your experience, skills, and interests -- at ?

@brainwane Hi! Sorry for the delayed reply, I had some offline things to attend to. Emailing you now!

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