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Happy Indigenous People's Day

Fuck Spain

White people live on stolen land

The USA, Canada, and Mexico have been complicit in allowing Indigenous women to continue to go missing with very little intervention: mmiwusa.org/

Stop forgetting about Black Indigenous people

If you can afford it, donate your money to MMIWUSA or just give directly to your indigenous friends (you do have indig friends, don't you?)

@nasser I've been thinking about this too, and what the best way of doing it is

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Re-categorized some recipes on GrimGrains, as before, I had categories named "breakfast" and "dinner", and I don't like to tie meal types to time of day. So now, I've got a new section called "main". Breakfast foods have been spread through other categories, and I've renamed "desserts" to "sweet".

I also isolated the recipes I prepared in the tropics.


@rek Thank you!! Putting it in my new recipe queue

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septembers pulpy sci-fi patreon wallpaper is up now! if you like my comics/illustration this is a great way to support it. love you xoxo patreon.com/timecowboy

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@mogwai_poet I literally wrote about this subject yesterday for a bloggish zineish thing I'm crafting on best practice for url events

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I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (Oooooo)
I am for eels
Pro/con list composed of kinds of fish
Eels found in "pro" that is my wish

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🚨 game release 🚨 

after a year of exclusivity im releasing my game Restricted Airspace publicly. the game was inspired by a fear i carried for years that Beirut would be destroyed -- a fear that came true last month. so on the 40th day after the tragedy, the traditional day of mourning, im releasing a version of the game with no antagonists, no explosions, no smoke, no inevitable loss.

all proceeds go towards the reconstruction of Beirut.


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augusts metroid themed patreon wallpaper is up now! if you like my comics/illustration this is a great way to support it. I miss samus. patreon.com/timecowboy

@rek I much prefer the taste of tofu to the taste of meat

@videodante @jplebreton @darius Oh I knew about Plex for tv and movies, but didn't know it could do audio as well!

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