I know it's stupid, but even talking to @munin here is more pleasant… the space to not have to artificially constrain what I'm trying to say leads to at least slightly better elucidation of what I'm thinking.

@munin @lojikil It's definitely a more chill space. Although, sometimes I have to fight the urge to distribute links like I do at the birdhouse. Then I don't and I feel good about it.

@ulfur @munin hmmm I dunno, it might actually be interesting to do so here, because you could provide more than 5 word analysis thereof.

@ulfur @lojikil people react positively to headline - link - commentary like I just posted


@lojikil @munin this is also true. Why I only just discovered that *cough*after having not gotten notifications of comments/replies *cough*...

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