I know it's stupid, but even talking to @munin here is more pleasant… the space to not have to artificially constrain what I'm trying to say leads to at least slightly better elucidation of what I'm thinking.

@munin @lojikil It's definitely a more chill space. Although, sometimes I have to fight the urge to distribute links like I do at the birdhouse. Then I don't and I feel good about it.

@ulfur @munin hmmm I dunno, it might actually be interesting to do so here, because you could provide more than 5 word analysis thereof.

@munin @lojikil very true! And the high signal/low noise ratio is much better here.

@ulfur @munin so I don't have an issue with that so much as I have a fuck-ton of people who follow me on birdsite and either don't respond or just respond for purposes of posting shitty memes. It's fun like... once a year now. I'm married for God's sakes.

@munin @lojikil I have a similar experience; though, fewer follows. *sniffs armpits* I've showered. WTH?

@lojikil @munin One should also remember that Birdcage's algos also fucked up everyone's TL, jist to squeeze in promoted and "you might like" bullshit.

@ulfur @munin oh gosh I hate those. Also Birdsite's promoted tweets algorithm has been *terrible* lately, showing me the same ad over and over again throughout the day. One damn ad. Nothing else.

@ulfur @lojikil uBlock Origin + dns sinkholes + very aggressive blocklists + greylisting

I have to actively bypass all those things to see a promoted tweet ;-)


@lojikil @munin

It's amazing what firey hoops of hell one has to jump through in order to preserve sanity.

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