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@DearthOfSid@twitter.com @ModernMughal@twitter.com @NoorainAhmed1@twitter.com @TheKnightComet@twitter.com I agree with you. I'm blatantly against policing the reaction of the oppressed. It's essentially siding with the oppressor. As a matter of fact, I'll add this disclaimer to the thread. Expecting civility from the oppressed is favouring the narrative of the oppressor.

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A couple has come out of their house and is pointing guns at protesters in their neighborhood

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A narcissist will claim they want nothing to do with their victim, when they are REALLY stalking & using others in targeted hate, while claiming no involvement

This sets the stage to invoke fear and when the victim fights back against being violated, they appear as the aggressor

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According to their ideology all the handicap, poor and black people came from hell because of their bad Karma they did in their previous lives.

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I'm from a Brahmin family. That makes me a Brahmin.

I will say this too then, since Brahmins are the whites of India.

Brahmin lives don't matter-- not as *Brahmin& lives.

Abolish Brahmins and the upper castes.

Still unclear to the petitioners asking Cambridge to fire me?

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The person exposed by Modi’s incompetence in managing Chinese aggression, economy, Covid is not Modi. He’s a clown who wears his name in gold pinstripes. He advertises his buffoonery publicly. It is lunacy to see him as saviour.
What has been exposed is the acolyte we call bhakt

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"I don't know how you get around that. I don't know how you conduct research that shows that your very existence is rooted in a great crime and shrug, say you're sorry and just walk away." twitter.com/zerohedge/status/1

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@majorgauravarya@twitter.com @ajaishukla@twitter.com @republic@twitter.com @ArnabGoswamiRTv@twitter.com @rwac48@twitter.com It's Brig Thapar.

Shows how much you learnt in your ltd service in Army! Incidentally your bn was part of my bde. A very fine bn but I guess somewhat erred in your grooming.

I put in 36 yrs, which is 7 times yours. Kindly don't teach me. BTW even my son has twice your service!

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A dog gets more factual information sniffing another dog's ass than the lot of us get from watching Indian news channels.

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1/ Thread on some interesting data and views from KKR’s global macro piece “Stick to the plan” available at kkr.com/global-perspectives/pu Not comprehensive, just data points I liked shared.

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That rock music is white people music agenda is so outdated and a disrespect to the actual pioneers who were black! twitter.com/William_Njo/status

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I STAND with the Nigerian rock community. If you’re wedding isn’t going to be like this.. don’t invite me. Simple 😫😂

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Rock music at Nigerian weddings needs to be normalised!! 😫😂 Love this! 😫

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Wow. Another massive protest in Mali.

They demand an end to the puppet regime, French military presence, and UN "Peacekeepers."

The people of Mali demand full control of their vast mineral wealth that Western multinationals are looting.🇲🇱 twitter.com/madanboukman/statu

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I think it's time to demand Narendra Modi's resignation.

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Indian corporates have almost nil investment in Pakistan. They don’t care.

But they have immense business deals with China that can bleed them dry.

As a dutiful servant of crony corporates, Modi did what they told him to do.

20 soldiers mean nothing to him against his crores.

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