Time for #reintroduction

I am a public interest technologist working at the Freedom of the Press Foundation freedom.press My day job is to work on securedrop.org using which people can leak information to the journalists securely. I also contribute to many #opensource projects. I am a core member of the @torproject and also core developer of the #Python programming language & a director and fellow of Python Software Foundation.

@kushal @torproject
Have a question? Can we make truly decentralized? Like each node running an instance, kind of like blockchain.the instances right now are still centralized with the mod of that instance enforcing policy guidelines.

@ullulullu @torproject someone has to be the moderator/admin. Even if it means it is a single person instance.

Btw, blockchain is just a hype and good for nothing.


@kushal @torproject
Can't the moderator/admin policies be defined through an algorithm that can be voted upon by the members of that instance. So that the mod doesn't get a dictatorial control on that instance?

@ullulullu @torproject

nah, the best option for you I think is that you run your own instance. Be the free person you always wanted to be.

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