If we can get people using an open, decentralised social network instead of a proprietary centralised one, maybe one day we can finally get people to write their blog posts somewhere other than Medium


@joshsharp One of the more interesting things I'm seeing happen in this space is how @write_as is adding federation support for their platform. Its not 100% self hosted yet, but their entire roadmap looks to be geared as not just a replacement for medium, but an entirely better system for publishing.

As someone slowly moving all my content off of medium, I'm using write.as's paid service as a way to support that direction.

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@ultimape @joshsharp @write_as

Write.as is likely a scam, though. It's entirely uncommon to develop something in secret and then make it open source eventually.
They say they'll open-source before the end of the year, I say hold off your migration to their service until then (if it ever happens).
Also the lead dev of Pleroma claims their federation implementation will only work one-way

@Maltimore Here's the second half of our AP implementation: github.com/writeas/Read.as

We're doing it different than most, but like @ultimape mentioned, the idea is to build something better overall (and by the way, thank you for supporting it!).

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