@enkiv2 « [Google] also told the Verge that “its machine learning detects what objects are in the frame, and the camera is smart enough to know what color they are supposed to have.” Consider how different that is from a normal photograph. Google’s camera is not capturing what is, but what, statistically, is likely. »

Great, more bias from machine learning, polluting the photographic record. D-:

@ultimape @enkiv2 Not the same phenomenon, but also, it doesn't matter. Cameras aren't supposed to do *that*, either. :-)

(Also, those strawberries look gray to me.)

@ultimape @enkiv2 Oh, it's not the white-balancing that bothers me (cameras have done that for like forever), it's the imposition of meaning via machine learning. They don't just use it for white-balance.

What's more troubling to me about the current state of affairs is how they try to "beautify" faces, which can't do good things for people's self-image and perceptions of the world.

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