Ok #fediverse, I need you help finding a free/libre open source (#floss) tool that works on #Windows + #Ubuntu (or can be installed on a server) that does the following:

* Hand written notes
* Typed notes
* Import & handwrite over images
* Import & highlight & handwrite over PDFs/text docs

I want basically a FLOSS equivalent of Microsoft OneNote for when I start grad school in the fall.

@remram44 and I have been looking, to no avail...


@vickysteeves @remram44 I don't think there's anything out there that is a cohesive package.

I had a hacked up handwriting recognition tool that intercepts the clipboard, looks for image data, then generates a .txt file while saving the image.

I then installed one of those programs that makes it fast to search through a whole bunch of text files.

it didn't work very well, but it was the closest thing that I got to emulating how I used onenote.

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