Twitter & Self-Harm 

Twitter is now enforcing their suicide and self-harm policy.

One of my friends got hit with it.

They limit your account like you're a troll. The tweet in question wasn't glorifying self-harm.

I'm so angry right now. Twitter only brings me sadness.

Maybe this emotional energy will let me finish my search & export tool I've been wanted to make for a year.

I can't stop crying.

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@ultimape True, however most of news is bullshit and does this infinitely better. Realistically a news bot here would be useful.

@ultimape interesting, so really many people are looking for personal promotion/brand expansion rather than actual user experiences.

@ultimape I feel you. There are also huge demographics where Facebook *is* the internet, and I don't think there's anything wrong with using it as long as it's adding value to your life.

My social network graph is mostly the birdsite, Signal, and SMS group chats, but it's silly to think that there can only be one [correct] tool for social connection.

On linking to twitter... 


They don't exist yet. They were just random ideas crossing my mind.

(And facezuck sounds a bit like the "Facehugger" from "Alien". ^^)


@ultimape Is that really the subdomain? If so, that鈥檚 precisely one thing FB did right.

@ultimape I鈥檓 kind of the opposite: I have no real connection to anyone I knew before college outside my family and band directors. The people I鈥檓 afraid to lost contact with are the people I met on my study abroad (and one friend who moved to Vancouver)

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