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@indiehub on closer inspection, you can run Ceptr without the reputation system, but given that is the whole idea behind it's fancy DHT system, what is the point?

@pee_zombie This way of thinking (adding speed/accuracy trade offs back into reasoning methods) is an antidote for nerd-sniping games.

The alternate way to frame these problems is as IQ-signaling and playbows among an ingroup.


@pee_zombie That is to say, these thought experiments also don't exist in a vacuum either. I can't even begin to rationalize the word problem unless I also bring in context of the person creating it. The meaning changes dramatically depending on the form of those unstated assumptions.

@pee_zombie The marshmallow test is the same.

We neglect that children are playing an iterative game, not a one-off. Ignoring the 'trust in authorities to not lie to you' makes the contrived marshmallow test fit our hypothetical frictionless vacuum.

So of course we get weird answers when we try to extrapolate from it.

This is Feynman's Cargo Cult science ideas in a nutshell.

Convincing someone that you are in a prisoner's dilemma when you are actually in a public goods game is meta-strats.

@pee_zombie The problem I see happening is that these thought experiments never express these assumptions. They are used as koans to change the way people think. At least in a physicists frictionless vacuum they make those assumptions about reality explicit.

If you don't take into account air friction, your models will give you the wrong answer. This seems to matter in different styles of reasoning, but we don't make that facet apparent (and so when done in the real world, we get wrong answers)

@pee_zombie These problems 'work' because they are ignoring fundamental aspects of reality around the speed-accuracy trade off. If you ignore the Physicist-philosopher's "frictionless vacuum" effect and throw entropy and information theory back into the equation, it stops being as much of a challenge to reason thru, and the idea that it's a trick question becomes more obvious.

Convincing people to use one reasoning style over another is politics.

@pee_zombie Its fascinating how quickly these thought experiments end up becoming a Keynesian p-beauty contest style situation with strong under currents of Schelling point theory.

Decomposing the problem down, it seems there is no correct answer as it seems to devolve into the 'unexpected hanging paradox'.

I managed to reason thru that paradox to get to godel's incompleteness theorem at one point, so I suspect this isn't actually solvable.

in the real world if I was in that hypothetical situation, I would have more information at my disposal than the situation lets on. There are unknowns here that can't be answered that significantly impact my answer.

Never predicted incorrectly in the past? I would need to know how reliable that information I've heard is. Am I mistaken about the predictor's reliability and that is simply an assumption?

Once you start putting Bayesian probabilities on information, it gets messy.

@Moon That is to say, it looks like doesn't solve the gas problem of running contracts in general, just the ERC20s and transfers. Shame.

Makes me wonder if speculative execution of contracts in general is possible.

@Moon I wouldn't recommend Immutable X - it seems to be just a bunch of hype. But that Starkware thing looks fun. ttps://medium.com/starkware/oracle-price-feed-on-starkex-2b15a3ca122

They implemented sort of branch prediction execution system so they can trade virtually before the price is finalized and then commit the resulting virtual trades all at once once confirmed. medium.com/matter-labs/zkrollu

It looks to be the same thing you mentioned regarding general purpose computing and ERC20s etc.

@Moon if I understand it, they've basically made an Rest API that game developers can pay for that effectively implements a sort of metamask. with an intermediary who holds temporary custodian duties and uses a fancy crypto system to ensure privacy is maintained during the transaction.

But yeah it doesn't sound like what you want.

@Moon if they really have solved the gas cost problem, that's fascinating. That issue was why it was too expensive to run contracts for implementing a decentralized etherum based reddit reddit my old employer implemented.

I wonder how what they are doing is different from a sidechain. It is sounds like a bunch of smoke and mirrors being used to sell access to a proprietary SAAS API that is really just a front end for github.com/starkware-libs/star which is basically a highspeed 3rd party exchange.

Now I'd like to give people the option to financially support #WriteFreely without having to pay for a Write.as subscription. So today I'm launching an Open Collective page for anyone who would like to support the project.


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