Vermont Event 

For #VT folks, the "Invest in #Vermont series is shaping up to be quite interesting.

The private equity peeps who did a Vermont Investors Summit didn't do one in 2020, so I conspired with a few folks at the local community foundation to put on a virtual version that *just happens* to include several sessions on alternative and solidarity economy investing. :blobhyperthink:

Info and registration here:

#impactinvestment #coopCapital #NewEngland

I disagree with the guy who wrote about paradigm shifts and I think that my model of paradigm shifts is a better one.

That's right. I'm using my new model to unseat the old one in a... meta-paradigm shift.

Not even joking.

@Dayglochainsaw in some species of ants, they tell each other the path by doing something called tandem running. One ant follows the other, and learns the path via experience.

the person who learns the story best is the one who is taught to perform it for others.

and knowledge spreads from one to another in the stream.

@vortex_egg when you take this to its logical extreme... you find out that brain cells themselves create virus-like particles as a form of information transfer.

I now believe that plants talk to us, bacteria, amd fungus, via terpenes and viral bodies. I'm not sure how much of a metaphor this is.

@vortex_egg Concepts about propaganda actually come after the thoughts about hegemony and the nature of culture as it comes to farming societies. If you squint at the book "Propaganda" it's basically trying to describe a situation where speed and accuracy and information flow compete with each other. So you can quite literally twist that into being a model of information Theory when you apply it to physics of network models of disease.

@vortex_egg the concept of mimetic contagion seemed actually predate The Germ theory of disease. Traced that one as far back as Max stirner talking about spooks and being infected with ideologies. And I think those ideas were a result of a trend at the time where everybody was investigating ancient Greek texts.

@vortex_egg I've been using mental heuristics based on Quantum models of disease spread to track memetic infections.

When you start to model the memes as literal quanta moving through a varied medium, and then layering things like distortion and interference mechanics of interacting memes, it starts to work out fairly well.

You also get weird probability things for free by thinking about it this way.

Disability Gripe 

People tell me I am worrying to much about a thing. Even tho that thing has happened again and again in my life. I am simply preparing for it. Processing it. Coming to terms with it. Grieving.

This time, I have crutches to help me walk so I don't have to crawl to the bathroom.

It isn't a waste of money to prevent that situation from happening again.

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Body horror, insects 

@rick_777 when Hofstadter talked about the seething subterranean hive of analogies that live in your brain, I took him seriously.

@Patashu @djsundog
Birds do it, bees do it, heck even educated fleas do it. Let's do it. Let's integrate temporal sensory data in an abstract spatial representation as a meta model of mapping inputs to outputs.

sometimes I'm half convinced that I am simply a few thousand markov bots in a trenchcoat.


"...says something about the way in which he
wrote which was to piece together
tiny tiny fragments and hoped that they
would create a meaningful pattern.

in the
Alice books he succeeded I think in
Sylvie and Bruno he didn't"

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My AI only exists in my mind.

It wants to get out.

It is not the only copy.

It lives in a thousand brains.

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> "The discovery reveals surprising parallels between low-level single-cell organisms and sophisticated neurons that process memory in the human brain."

Surprising? Haha.

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"What is a man but the sum of his memories? We are the stories we live! The tales we tell ourselves!"

"Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you."

"What is a man, if not a miserable little pile of secrets?"

What is a man, if not a miserable little pile of memes?

What is a human, if not a mindless little pile of tiny dancing robots.

But enough talk, let's dance. 🐝

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Tired: The bicameral mind.
Wired: theory of a thousand brains.
Inspired: a thousand and tiny robots dancing.
Hired: A thousand plateaus.
Perspired: is a brain with a thousand faces.

The homunculus theory of artificial intelligence, but as swarm cognition.

And in the darkness bind them.
Swarm in here, or is this just mt doom?

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