Forgot about the Fediverse for a bit. Busy with move, and Birdsite outrage volume has been high.

death, construction, Seattle (-) 

Creeped out by this 🏗 disassembly failure that happened this afternoon in Seattle. We lived two blocks from there and walked the area regularly; we still drive there a lot since Mercer is one of the major E-W routes from our neighborhood.

weight, doctors (-) 

Had a long overdue physical last week. First time with a new doctor in Seattle. It was mostly good... except when they noted I was underweight for my height. Even though I have always been skinny and my weight has been stable for years. I know it's often way worse of an experience from medical profession for people who are over but it's a personal reminder that BMI is bunk.

programming is figuring out fancy tricks but then also figuring out when those fancy tricks are leading you down a path that will get you in trouble

hahah... Hahaha...HAHAHAHAH! Oh, 1992, you were so naive. :)
(One year previous, a little OS called Linux was released. It now runs 96% of the Internet.)

Thinking about impossibly large numbers again and it's all my kid's fault.

I don't understand how people keep up their activity streaks through being sick.

Update: I strained something in my right forearm using a screwdriver at the wrong angle.

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Kiddo has been sick and now my throat is scratchy. Sigh.

I have been told by the kiddo that this helmet is hack-proof. (Our computers are under attack by Bad O'Malley.)

I've just checked and all your posts are very good.

food (+) 

Very happy with how this farro bowl with sesame-ginger dressing turned out.

look, I know the "em" in "em dash" doesn't stand for "emily dickinson" but can we start telling children it does anyway

“Nintendo reviving a dead and buried game for Switch.”

Dead. And **buried.**

It’s obvious folks: E.T. is coming to Switch.

Triple-A caliber remake of the Marathon trilogy, please. I wanna hear Durandal as voiced by Alan Tudyk and watch the sun set on the ruins of Lh'owon

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