Hey everyone, don't be me. Clean your trackball more frequently.

Thinking again about the Tron cinematic universe that never was.

When I started this piece about racist tropes in Tolkien's orcs, I knew orcs were a racist stereotype. I didn't realize orcs were a stereotype OF ASIANS SPECIFICALLY.
jamesmendezhodes.com/blog/2019 Orcs, Britons, and the Martial Race Myth, Part I: A Species Built for Racial Terror

Baby engineer, daring to explain "ex dee" meaningless intensifier to me: "You're not as old as I thought"

👴🏻 💀

Reminded me that I was a heavy mailing list user with alumni 10-15 years older than me when this kid was in elementary school. And I know I pretty much missed pre-Web Internet.

Epiphany means putting away the Christmas tree means filling my activity rings by reorganizing storage.

IT advice from a five year old: "But that one had three RAMs and this one needs four RAMs."

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Anyone know how to get notifications working for Mast on iOS with mastodon dot social?

I think 2019 won't feel like it's started until I'm back at work?

2019 Goals:

- Stay off my phone during family time, especially dinner. I don't need to Wikipedia something we're talking about!
- Set aside one or two days a week for evening reading instead of viewing (probably Wednesday?)
- Bake a lot of bread
- Get kiddo ready for Kindergarten (!)

I don't know what it is about the shape of our Christmas mugs but I keep ending up with coffee dribbling down the side after sipping.

Why is it so hard to live stream an event without cable? :o(

"Decentralization is biodiversity of the digital world" - Reasons why you should care about how your social network is run and structured


My five-year-old is an excellent generator:

This robot can design and build field racks. These are sensors you can use to detect radioactional scans, if you have the AS-5 update. The motherboard detects for the babyboard that there are zero actions. A code number 5525S connection to the M4 antiglass plus GPS emergency disc is also Bluetooth enabled.

(This is one small segment I managed to capture during a roughly 30 minute bedtime explanation.)

Hmm. Mast keeps reverting my timeline to two weeks ago.

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