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i may have convinced one of my friends to look into learning lojban, yay!

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@uma oh shoot quick warning though: the content is incomprehensible but might also deserve a big cw for kinda being... all over strange. i can't say ive read/grasped the whole thing so tread carefully!

@uma some selling points: player creation is done by pulling books from a bookshelf and opening to random pages

players are discouraged from reading most of the """rules"""

the authors describe it as basically a "fever dream of anger and confusion towards reality and everyone who plays it"

@uma use your light but awful chains

a really wild read is the normality rpg sourcebook, if you ever get the chance. it's basically an absurdist rpg

(date someone who can pick you up with ease)

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@OpaOpa the way they hold your hand is so gentle, you could almost forget they can pick you up with ease...

@OpaOpa ;_; it's so good. robo-partner sending you a supercut of your cat being cute when you're feeling down...

where they're feeling silly they spell out words on your palm with their finger - they even draw the serifs...

@bossposs @q_lum oh, i see! so ke'a is implicit there? that's handy!

@uma treasure robos! they're good!!

that "signs you're dating a robot" hashtag has been weighing on my mind a lot. it's a shock to suddenly remember that so many people don't understand cute robos and why you'd want to date them...

i tried to cheer up the tag a little but dang, it's got me down

@bossposs okay, so it's really closer to "that which is named: ecco-kind-of-dolphin" rather than "ecco the dolphin"?

@bossposs holy shit that's insane, by govt standards that's code black, all outdoor work must stop immediately

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i very badly need to play an ecco the dolphin game again

@q_lum @OpaOpa im in this vortex of memories right now, they're all flooding back aaaaaa

@q_lum wait hold on i just recognized this, this is from ecco the dolphin, that's the first video game i ever played!!