on what basis fadnavis allowed to form govt overnight by the governor? If he clearly was not reaching the number.

Do you think sharad pawar give nod to Ajit Pawar in his unholy alliance with bjp ?

I think listening to your fav music is the best medicine when you are feeling down and left out. It just brings out the best in you.

Winter session is to begin. So what would be the next law that could be passed by the house of Loksabha and rajya sabha?

Even Apple Inc was once a loss making company but it did increased sales after inventing ipod music device.

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I just had an argument with a bhakt on fb where i was not favouring seeing off Air india and BP, but as per the bhakt logic GOI should sell off these companies to a private firm since these are loss making. But my thinking at first is why these companies are loos making ?
Why can't these companies assessed through an audit and a quality compliance to put in to a stable growth direction rather selling them would decrease the revenue inturn increases surge in aam aadmi's tax?

So honourable cheif justice Ranjan Gogoi is retiring this Sunday. What's your thoughts on him ? How is history going to remember him ?

Is ther any chance that godi media starts reporting on issues before it's too late any time ?

They are the important institution that can naked the regime.


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Quality of jio airtel Vodafone in my neighborhood contd

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@Gargron Hi, please work on Urdu Language. And give us 'personal' DM feature & favorites feature closely like in Twitter.

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