Ah shit opened .social by accident, I'm still at @Shrigglepuss@octodon.social frensss

Hey all you lovely cool people that are following me, I've moved over to @Shrigglepuss@octodon.social now, you'll find me there! I'll probs send out a few more of these toots to remind you over the next week or so, so apologies in advance if that bugs you! P.S: It feels good to be off .social already

Instance drama, rape mention 

God, seeing this appalling crap Eugen said about rape victims makes me so glad I didn't set up shop on mastodon.social. Jeez, apologize, take the hit already, and move on.

This is not a safe place with that kind of attitude aat the top at all

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Absolutely moving instance today, Eugen is an actual sack of shit unworthy of his position looking after any number of people in a social environment

Eugen loves to dictate what is and isn’t dogpiling. Isn’t it fucking funny that the definition changes depending on the privileged persons position?

Man, fuck .social, I'm actually ashamed to be on this instance at this point... Would Octodon be happy to have me, @CobaltVelvet ? Xox

As impressive as being 6 screws and two removed drives into a little PC on site looks to a customer, that's/really/ not an ideal location for a CMOS reset jumper 🙄 at least I was only there for 15 mins

selfie / eye contact / nips 

I showed a friend and got "I'm getting a 'look at this one tattoo I have cos I wanna show off how cool I am' vibe" which is funny because it's true, but she's forgetting the "hide my bald patch" part 😘

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selfie / eye contact / nips 

And it doubles up as a cool cape ofc

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selfie / eye contact / nips 

Cracking out the fuzzy poncho cos it's comfy as fuck and getting colder outside as a flimsy excuse

Got air play on Radio 1 a few times and played Reading and Leeds festival already sozz haha

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Seeing Sœur, Skating Polly and Flying Kangaroo Alliance on Friday. My friends are infinitely more talented than I am:

It's quicker to walk to eBay's offices to contact their support team than it is to find their contact details =\

I've not had a repair kick my ass for a long ol' time, I've got one that's being a right little puzzle atm

Ghost was fascinated by the gurgling in the plug hole, I said "Oi, there's nothing in there for Ghosts" and remembered that's not strictly true, if Ghostbusters has taught us anything; so I'd just like to say sorry Ghost

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