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Just realised I've never done one of these ones yet. No time like the present!

Hi! I am Umby (not a real name obvs)! I'm a poke-nerd furry hecker from 🇦🇺STRAYA🇦🇺! I am an IT nerd by day, and poop poster by night! For the nerds, I use a fair bit of C#.NET and other Microsoft tech at work and am in the process of relearning Python for fun!

I also enjoy the occasional vid game (any at all really) and admiring canine friends. Please tag me in all your dog posts!!!

Cybrespace might still be down but at least I can still pooppost

ugh i really hope crossposters don't slowly choke mastodon like they did to diaspora*

if you're just crossposting everything you tweet on birdsite then what even is the point of making a mastodon account? that's glorified spam at worst, and a recipe for abandonment.

William shatner
always searching
always looking
never finding

Twitter: increasingly draconian attempts to wipe out third-party app ecosystem

Mastodon: someone made an app for mid-00's PDAs (source:

Nice, porn on the TL

At least it's marked sensitive

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Wow dang this is a pretty resounding response!

If any of y'all have friends on, tell them to export any data they can and move to another instance. has been broken (422ing) for more than a week at this point and this is not really the first time the administration of that instance has been negligent (to put it politely).

I really wish the admin would just shut down the instance or hand it over to someone else if they have no interest in maintaining it.


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