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like I'll open up for example and then SteamVR just pops up outta nowhere how do I stop

inb4 "uninstall SteamVR"

Hey any way to stop SteamVR from popping up whenever I open a website that uses WebGL?

It still has work that needs doing, like I need to actually filter stuff like URLs and @mentions and handle multiple corpii properly but it's WORKING IDGAP (i do not give a poop)

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I think this gets the job done most of the servers I'm in rn is music discussio

My new keyboard can light up based on what keys are pressed

This is a curse upon me

Stickers are tacky, pass it on.

I like saying heck

It's a fun word

honestly think at this point I could do w some sleep therapy or something heck

i didn't even have that much caffeine yesterday what to heck

no sleep crew where u @

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Hey I found a gaming meme in favour of decentralization

okay google does liking synthwave make me a satanist

are you okay, speed run dot com?

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