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Umby the Moondog on the Grog

Meetign a friendo in parramatta yea yea

Fun fact: after this game I got thrashed for like 5 games in a row

So I guess I don't still got it


This will be the final installment of Umby's Train I Did Just Catch

The conductor gave me the dirtiest look as it pulled in

It's funny because trains go toot toot

So I need a fun new way to drag my followers in from The Twit, so now I present to you the first installment of Umby's Train I Did Just Catch

This is a CCN train headed for Sydney, arrived on time, 8/10

I think people make too big of a deal about counterfeit money. You know how we could work with counterfeit money? Just everyone act like it's real, and everything will be fine! Get that fake dough, and let's just pass it around, and buy sandwiches and cars.

oh videos actually work nice nice nice nice

Check out your settings, friends.

Do you see Two Factor Authentication?


First the votey and now the soccy, today is a p good day

Italy gets knocked out, and Australia gets a penalty goal to (almost definitely) qualify for the world cup.


Please don't heck this up Australasia