This ambient jam from makes me want an SP404 again...

The 4th most popular "Just Chatting" stream currently on is a crypto scam with 22.2K (likely fake) viewers.

I think it's somewhat interesting that the same bot networks seem to have migrated across propping up a certain billionaire, promoting crypto tokens, painting Amber Heard as some sort of witch and now defaming Cassidy Hutchinson. Have any researchers dug deeper?

NEW EPISODE: In our latest episode, we explore the cringe-inducing world of the "Manosphere" with guest münecat, and talk about her new video debunking the space.

Realizing from the # of people contacting me via my form that expecting people will right click -> view source on and view the HTML comment wasn't a fair assumption. Hot tip: for anyone getting a dtype error when running the --mega model, you'll need to temporarily rollback your flax version using "pip install flax==0.4.2" - it's a known issue.

Show thread Finally got this working with the mega model (--mega flag) and it's still generating results in 5-10 minutes on CPU only. Not terrible.

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Hot tip: when you run setup script it'll ask you for an API key from - go ahead and sign up @ then copy/paste the API key when asked. It's free!

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If you're looking to run DALL-E Mini locally, someone ported it to PyTorch and on CPU alone with a 2020 i7 MBP I'm getting generated images back in ~1 minute. Very cool.

Very niche question, but does anyone know how to constrain the X-axis frequency range in linear mode of "showfreqs" when using ffmpeg?

The new episode will be a couple days late this week, to coincide with the release of something else from our excellent guest. 😀

To all the crypto folks who used to get drinks with me and brag about how progressive you were, but right now are remaining silent as to not harm your web3/NFT sales funnel... I see you.

Waves Vocal Rider is a fantastic plugin to avoid over-relying on compression. Wish I'd picked this up sooner.

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