What does this poster say, and why would someone put it in our office?

i have the kind of friends who urge me to use my health insurance to hire a professional to give a shit about whatever I need help with.

every time i refresh facebook it shows me the same julian assange debate thread as it did on friday, even though there's no new comments for like a day. something's fishy

i put the nintendo switch vr goggles together. they're ok i guess

most swedish celebrities are not nazis, except Notch, PewDiePie, Ace of Base, and that Golden One guy on youtube...

so now that article 13 is out, will europeans still be allowed to use alphabets?

i think i need to help people, but i need help in order to do that. and I'm not sure I can help that much.
so how much help can I ask for before it becomes a net loss?

probably gonna post this again in the morning bc i'm so proud of it, but,

i finished implementing the game of life in baba is you

I made a rudimentary web page to document my demake, because if I blink I'll forget how it all works or what it even is.


i walked around a Target today for an hour and bought nothing, even though i am in need of some things probably.

writing that c64 program was the intellectual equivalent of eating an entire pizza in one sitting. it was an irresistable compulsion but instead of feeling satisfied i feel like shit

so, Tuesday I learned that the game "Baba is You" exists. It is a puzzle game where the tiles in the playfield form not only objects, but all the rules governing them, so most solutions involve changing the rules.

last night I wrote a C64 demake of the game with three tutorial levels, supporting the properties YOU, WIN, STOP, PUSH, OPEN, SHUT, and SINK. It's slow, but you can compile it with Basic-BOSS.

i need to post it here once it's presentable.

did the anglosphere ever come up with a decent name for オズミキ兄弟?

It refers to the Oswald-Mickey pair as a brotherhood, as literally "The Oz-Miki Brothers", which is probably the best name you could come up with for two characters who not only don't share a last name, but don't even share any letters in their first name, so you can't build a good portmanteau word.

and I ain't calling them the Disney Brothers.

@blackle I said to @melissasage "you could probably have some fun going through the history of the United States and rating how much of a furry each president was" and then immediately realized the most furry president was obviously Garfield

if I had become a silicon valley millionaire, I hope I would have the sense to spend my money on something good, like a Mavis Beacon biopic.

here, a 1-block demo I made for commodore 64. I can also compile a VIC-20 version that fits in the cassette buffer. prismnet.com/~nickb/matrix-bas

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