Federated messaging and notification is neat and all, but isn't the killer feature the ability to migrate your follow_ers_ along?

A federated site should demonstrate good faith by allowing you to leave it without disrupting your network. No different from e.g. cellphone number portability.

@ultimape Keybase never quite sat right with me though. I'm not a fan of the single directory of everything you do.

I suspect it's a "portability, decentralization, privacy – pick 2" kind of situation though. Perhaps zero-knowledge experts can resolve it.

@ultimape True. There's something about old-internet pseudonymity that has been lost. Difficult to pin down what made it work. Maybe it was just the luxury of assuming good faith.

<Insert birdsite poll for "how many identities do you maintain?">

@unconed @ultimape I think there were also just far fewer people who had the means to be on time (as well as the interest to stick with it).

I used to have more identities, but they're more or less collapsing into one. Someone mentioned how the economy is pushing us all to have "personal brands," and as a result we're pressured to be visible across networks. Similarly, to get a job or find a date or whatever, sometimes we smooth over eccentricities because it's all just so discoverable now.

@unconed @ultimape At the moment Keybase is limited by being invitation-only, but there doesn't seem to be a requirement that all your personas have a single Keybase account.

Once it's open-to-all, I'd expect people who maintain multiple personas to have a Keybase-per-persona.

You don't even necessarily need to hit any Keybase servers. IIUC all the verifications are public, and can be independently verified from (and posted to) the Bitcoin blockchain?

@ultimape @unconed Invites can be tied to email addresses.

I assume it's still invitation only, because my Keybase account has a page saying I've got 23 invitations to give out!

@unconed I'm just going to assume that's why export/import is available in the settings?

@maloki Did you look at those settings pages?

You can neither export nor import follow_ers_. It would require a trusted mechanism to transfer your identity.

@unconed oh yeah, but that kinda feels obvious. I just misinterpreted what you wrote. Sorry.
But I'm not sure how you'd do that technically?

@unconed maybe being able to offer some kind of redirect though, similar to how wordpress does? :) Wonder if that'd work.

@maloki Something like that, yes, like a signed HTTP 301. The challenge is migrating remote follows on other sites.

You'd have to sign a proof-of-transfer claim with the original site and transfer your identity to the target site. Anyone who requests to follow your original identity is given the redirect.

The original site would have to broadcast the proof-of-transfer to every instance that is listening to migrate their user's remote follows.

It's entirely possible, but tricky to get right.

@johnhenry that'd be interesting but hairy maybe. sending a "please update your subscriptions" signal to all the pubsub hubs of all your followers is how I'd imagine it. and guarding that / verifying that with crypto handwavings

@lmorchard Yeah, the implementation would be tricky. One option is that people accept a semantics of "follow" that means not just "follow me on this platform", but "forward this follow to the owner's address on any future platform", and then allow owners to switch platforms & keep followers. But seems like that has potential to be abused, maybe?

@unconed I'm always dreaming of a system where your identity is a private key, and the site is just an aggregator of signed messages.

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