Undefined Label has released its digital compilation featuring seven drones with a futuristic vibe. Its available on the label's website and on archive.org.


the (collective?) brain(s)(?) of undefined label has produced a release titled "brain", and unlike other releases it is freely available on bandcamp at undefinedlabel.bandcamp.com/al

it is also available in various formats for free download at undefined's website at:


undefined label presents a track attributed to "thriftbrain" called "trash creating anus recycler". the "brains" of undefined label are undefined entities, with no information given as to whether they are individual artists, collective artists, or artists at all.


this is "everything is wrong" in ogg vorbis format, a noise music track attributed to "unfamiliaritybrain" on undefined label. it is not defined whether "brains" on undefined label are individual artists, collective artists, or artists at all, actual brains, or even if they possess any tangible existence.


undefined label has moved from its former TOR .onion to undefinedlabelnoise.com. there are brains that are labelled but who they are and if they are multiple people or one is not presented. there is no individual artist discernible behind them, possibly. only noise, the noisemaker is unimportant, possibly.


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