I’m talking #quarto next week! If you write reports, blog posts, notebooks or slides in #rstats, #python, #julialang or #javascript, grab some lunch and tune into this talk!

R users, learn how Quarto brings tools together from across the RMarkdown ecosystem, along with some new tricks!

Python and Julia users: learn how you can get in on this "reproducible reporting" thing you keep hearing about, using existing Jupyter notebooks or using plain text docs that work well with version control! (You don't even need R 😉)

Everyone: learn how throwing Observable into the mix can improve your docs and slides even more, letting you add menus, sliders, web visualisations and more!

If you've ever worked in a #datascience language like R or Python and thought, "Yeah, but I really don't wanna touch JavaScript", I reckon Quarto and OJS are the easiest, most tempting way we've ever seen to try it out.

It’s a free talk! RSVP now: eventbrite.com.au/e/quarto-cre

Wanting to share this: Geocomputation with R free online book (hard copies also available): geocompr.robinlovelace.net/

Most longer stays/stops of and seem to have taken place in close proximity to one another, only 's latest stop was a lonely one:

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My workshop on hydrological analysis with #PCRaster in #QGIS and #Python is accepted for
#FOSS4G 2022 in Firenze. 2022.foss4g.org.
This playlist shows some of the things I'll cover in the workshop: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeu

Great to see movement data featured on the cover of the new @unigis@twitter.com offline issue

Thanks for the opportunity to spread the word about

France - La Tour Eiffel illuminée aux couleurs de l'Ukraine pour la Journée de l'Europe.

Merci pour les photos, @UEFrance@twitter.com!

© Jonathan Sarago / MEAE

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Want to come to Vienna (Wien), in September to present your BSD related work and hang out with fellow BSDers? Go to 2022.eurobsdcon.org/the-call-f, submit your talk or tutorial proposal by May 26th.

Three Forks is a busy place these days.

New location estimate for #Perseverance on Sol 428. The rover drove ~130m to the north, slaloming among sand dunes.

Dashed lines are assumed traverses; white for past, gray for future. The map was drawn with #opensource #qgis

#Mars2020 #NASA #Space

European Union is still collecting signatures to study a UBI (Universal Basic Income) for .


If you are a citizen, please, read and make sure you sign if you agree with it!

"We request the EU Commission to make a proposal for unconditional basic incomes throughout the EU, which reduce regional disparities in order to strengthen the economic, social and territorial cohesion in the EU"

For people seeking refuge from war, having full access to the healthcare system is vital.

We have just launched a new webpage explaining the rights that Ukrainians in the EU are entitled to under the temporary protection mechanism.

More details ➡️ europa.eu/!7pHHRG

" has become too much like the man who tries to get to the moon by climbing a tree: 'One can report steady progress, all the way to the top of the tree' [Douglas Hofstadter]."


Time for more mapping goodness: this one deals with label call-out lines showcasing what's possible beyond typical ordinary line styles anitagraser.com/2021/07/28/gre

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