Finally have Mastodon instance on my personal domain! Huge thanks to @hugo from @mastohost for his patience and fast response time, even on Sunday!

We have until 12th of September to do our best to protect the Internet's freedom and openness in europe. The next few days are the final moments of Round 2

#openweb #europe #internet #article13

No I blocked you the first time, I don't appreciate you trying again.

This is a dark UX web pattern

Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

We're going to live in a very weird world man.

Another good sniff test is if your name contains a special character like an apostrophe or a hyphen. If you do, then your signup experience is basically a "Van Halen brown M&M's" test for whether they've built a good website or not

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Yeah, looking at you Sony PlayStation, Uber, banks and others. Having to get up and find my phone is one thing but locking users into a single SIM card while we're abroad with different one is next-level trolling.

But honestly, this is up to us users to seek such change, big tech companies will hardly ever initiate it.

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The Data Transfer Project ( is definitely a progress in positive direction. Especially after open standards were kinda forgotten in public discourse for about 2 decades. But it's worth reminding that data portability is only a precursor to data interoperability or, better yet, federation. Ideally, the data would be completely decoupled from the services using them as e.g. aims to achieve.

Z českých europoslanců pro schválení a hlasovali Stanislav Polčák (STAN) a Michaela Šojdrová (KDU-ČSL).
Pan Polčák publikoval zklamaný článek, o tom, že Evropa promarnila šanci k diskusi, jako by nevěděl, že měl hlasovat PROTI, aby diskusi umožnil. V květnu 2019 jsou příští volby do EP.

Phew, the threat ( is deferred for another 2 months... How do we prevent these fuck-ups from happening again? What a tremendous waste of time teaching EU representatives internet 101. I'm tired of doing their work for them.

The level of dilettantism and/or corruption in this EU copyright proposal is mind-boggling. Please, call your European Parliament representative on Wednesday to help stop this madness.

The sad part about such powerful technology as Google Duplex is that it is even necessary for simple tasks like scheduling a meeting. Just because humanity wasn't able to agree on common data exchange standards which would solve it much more efficiently. We had to build huge-overhead AI speaking the same rudimentary low-bandwidth languages which will continue wasting energy.

Oh great, opening Tasks in new Gmail deleted all my tasks from the default task list! Sure, you can call it "A fresh start", I guess...

Well if this is the Google master plan to fix the messaging mess, I'm moving my messaging elsewhere. Why on earth would I willingly tie myself to a phone number and surrender to carriers? No thanks.

Russia blocked 5 million IP addresses so far and Telegram is still running.

Let's see if Russian users are more valuable for Amazon and Google than half the internet is for Russia.
Anyway, pretty sure Russia is working on it's version of Great Firewall by now.

PeerTube — Federated video streaming service based on #WebTorrent.

Compatible with #Mastodon and other #ActivityPub-based services.

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