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Chrome devices are becoming a viable alternative for professional developers with Linux apps support.


The sad part about such powerful technology as Google Duplex is that it is even necessary for simple tasks like scheduling a meeting. Just because humanity wasn't able to agree on common data exchange standards which would solve it much more efficiently. We had to build huge-overhead AI speaking the same rudimentary low-bandwidth languages which will continue wasting energy.


Oh great, opening Tasks in new Gmail deleted all my tasks from the default task list! Sure, you can call it "A fresh start", I guess...

Well if this is the Google master plan to fix the messaging mess, I'm moving my messaging elsewhere. Why on earth would I willingly tie myself to a phone number and surrender to carriers? No thanks.


Russia blocked 5 million IP addresses so far and Telegram is still running.

Let's see if Russian users are more valuable for Amazon and Google than half the internet is for Russia.
Anyway, pretty sure Russia is working on it's version of Great Firewall by now.


PeerTube — Federated video streaming service based on #WebTorrent.

Compatible with #Mastodon and other #ActivityPub-based services.


What I don't like: When scrolling on a website loads a different article and changes the URL in the address bar :thinkhappy:

"Facebook and Google need ad-free options says Jaron Lanier" Like... G Suite? :) I'm paying for my Google account for years. No ads, different terms (all the data is mine), I own my e-mail address, have support, SLA... Ad-free social network is included, BTW.



Despite the naming, two new Chrome device form-factors were announced in last 2 weeks for the first time in 3 years in addition to Chromebook, Chromebox, Chromebase and Chromebit. First, Acer announced Chromebook Tab 10* and today, hp released detachable Chromebook x2: press.ext.hp.com/us/en/press-r

* acer.com/ac/en/US/content/seri

Here is the demo part of Droplet's announcement stream yesterday, where they showed running in the browser using : youtu.be/JK3aLVI0m1U


So dropletcomputing.com is running containerized Windows apps via on top of the kernel using and in the web browser...

You should change the DNS on your router to & ... blog.cloudflare.com/announcing

Found previously undisclosed Google Chrome Easter egg...

Ah, , the one day a year even Russian trolls don't bother.

"Heading to my first security conference last year, I expected to see a tricked-out laptop running on a virtual machine with a private network and security USB keys sticking out... Everywhere I went I'd see small groups of people carrying Chromebooks..."


"web.autocad.com now runs the same core code as standard AutoCAD, but in a browser"
Chrome-only and just 2D currently, but shows you can do almost anything on the web nowadays...


webOS is back!

"As we move from an app-based environment to a web-based one, we believe the true potential of webOS has yet to be seen."