Using git as a system backup tool - discuss.

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@unfa I don't use is as backup, but I do have all my important configs on there. Git's not great with lots of binary files, so if that's what your thinking of backing up it's probably not the best. Something like rdiff-backup will likely work better for that.

@benofbrown I used rdiff-backup, then I switched to ZFS, but now I've dumped ZFS, so I guess I'm back to rdiff-backup :D

@unfa I use ZFS for some stuff at work, I like it. Reminds me of WAFL from when I used to work on NetApps. I don't really have any need for it at home at the moment though.

@unfa not the best of ideas IMO. If you're looking for a simple, handy and encrypted one I recommend restic. Very reliable solution. I'm also using it as support backup in production environments at work.

@unfa unfa old thread but since @sirmacik already revived -- borgbackup is incredible, I started using it everywhere, it's the future and proof that we can have nice things in the end. git without LFS will be slow and setting it up is extra work, borg works with everything OOTB, has encryption, amazing deduplication and can work via vanilla ssh or in server mode

@czesiekhaker @sirmacik Thanks for the suggestions! For now I'll go with rdiff-backup, as I don't have time to learn other solutions, but I'll keep restic and borg in mind!

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