Wow! Manjaro has much more software in it's repositories than Linux Mint has - I don't need any PPAs, because all the stuff is just there! And if it's not - it's in AUR!

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@unfa try Antergos, it's basically Arch with a GUI installer if you disable one repo.

@frd I've just switched to Manjaro :D I have tried Antergos before (I was mainly attracted by it's native ZFS support) but since I've switched to Btrfs , and for some reason Antergos didn't work out for me.

@tapaniraja So far so good :)

I think I might make a video about setting up an audio production system on it - there's a few caveats.

@unfa Nice! Nothing has breaked yet? My only concern is the bleeding-edge updates. I love stability.

@tapaniraja Amazingly - I haven't experienced any regressions so far - only improvements :)

@rghvdberg There's Cadence and DISTRHO-plug ins there :)

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