I've got an idea - how about designing a game that's aimed at creating maximum frustration in the player?
My base idea would be to constantly change the rules of the game, without notice. I think playing this could be a carthartic experience.
Have something like this been done before?

@unfa I thought there might be an "other than," in there. 🙂


I believe the game was called Getting Over It or sth and featured a naked guy sitting in a cauldron with a pickaxe.

Darn, my phone can shoot in 4K, and I'm rendering a short video captured with it. That looks so good compared to my webcam...
And the most ironic thing - the webcam probably has a bigger sensor, but it has such shitty optics...
I dream about getting a DSLR + a PCI capture card (I have one tiny slot free on my mobo) - to get crisp 1080p or maybe even 4K over HDMI - but I can't affortd that now...
*Sigh* :)

I have a video cam which I dont use. I would consider to donate it, need to discuss with the co-owner, though. But afair it has 1080p

@unfa Want to try? I've got an open repl you can join me in!

@unfa The first part certainly reminds me of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, which is a great game.

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