Thanks @unfa for playing my track during your show! I'm not at home at the moment, I couldn't hear well but I'll watch the replay tomorrow.

I'm totally NOT a singer, it's the first time I'm doing this!

I wasn't really happy with the vocals, so I decided do distort the sh*t out of them ! 😉

I played them through my hardware synth (MS20), overdriving the filter for maximum roughness. And then through a bucket brigade delay guitar pedal to add an old school vibe.
I love messing with cables 😀


@arnaudj Thanks for that interesting submission! I rarely hear rock tracks and it's definitely good to have more diversity :)
As for a first-timer - the vocals were better than I'd expect :D I still understood a lot of the lyrics.
I'll be looking forward to hear your work again :)

I didn't have time to properly watch this month's show until tonight. Super interesting and entertaining, as always! And some awesome submissions!

Did you really say you'd like to re-do the vocals for my song???
Wow, I would be so honored! I can send your a multitrack and/or Ardour session if you want!

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