Thanks @unfa for playing my track during your show! I'm not at home at the moment, I couldn't hear well but I'll watch the replay tomorrow.

I'm totally NOT a singer, it's the first time I'm doing this!

I wasn't really happy with the vocals, so I decided do distort the sh*t out of them ! 😉

I played them through my hardware synth (MS20), overdriving the filter for maximum roughness. And then through a bucket brigade delay guitar pedal to add an old school vibe.
I love messing with cables 😀

By the way, thanks to @rgh for the kind comments in the chatroom during my track! Yes I like music from the seventies, that's why there was an inevitable break with a monosynth solo, amongst other outdated things!

As a bonus, here's a picture of how I mistreated my vocal track in a desperate attempt to make it more interesting



@arnaudj @rgh Oh wow! So the solo and your vocals went from that beauty?

I can check but I'm not sure the sound of the synth solo comes from the MS20 (in fact I recorded most of this song last year).
I think I jammed on it to find ideas, recording the MIDI notes in QTractor. Then, as I was in a rush (and got lazy), I think I emulated the sound with AMSynth so it was easier to add automation and bounce an audio track.

But the vocal destruction was done the day before your livestream, and yes this synth did the filthy overdriving and filtering duty!


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