I'm going for an ambitious 3D modelling challenge: make a car.

I've only done this a long time ago with shitty results in 3DS Max. I'll post my updates in replies to this toot. I want to make something rusty, but also aggressive - a bit of Fallout and a bit of Mad Max.

I'm attaching my first two stages of progress.

Feel free to post your comments and suggestions.

I've realized the passenger should be a gunner in this car. I'm not sure how I'll make the roof stay up, because they'd probably remove one support to get more aiming range.
Gonna think about solutions later. This is still very much a sketch.

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Optimizing the gunner's position - looks like the original roof support can stay in. I've modelled the base of the trunk too.

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@unfa btw. you had a list of family-safe curse words like "Kernel Panic!", etc. right? I can't find it now :(

@Wolf480pl Yes! I have actually recorded the video with that - it's waiting to be edited out. Do you want to add something? :D


@Wolf480pl Here's the list:

Dev null!


Kernel panic!

GNU slash linux!




Gimping Heck!

Well Grep my aunt!

You silly sudo!

Holy shift key!

Apt purge yourself!

You unmet dependency!


Grep my binlog, ya piece of core dump!

Imma compress your tarballs until your head and tail switch, you sed FAT FSCK!

Corrupted Tarballs!




Urandom encryption!

RM dash RF forwardslash

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