By the numbers: ZFS Performance Results from Six Operating Systems and Their Derivatives


@jpmens I've been using ZFS for about a year as my root for Linux Mint (still doing so at work). However, I decided to switch to Btrfs (and Manjaro). It is suported natively by any distribution I can think of. ZFS usually requires installing modules and utilities. That means getting some crucial data off a disk might take me extra time in an emergency and this has caused me trouble. I also have multiple occasions when ZFS home datasets won't mount on boot for no apparent reason. Not fun either.

@unfa I would not use a filesystem which isn’t supported out-of-the-box either for the same reasons: far too much hassle if anything goes wrong. The amount of stuff that can break already is overwhelming enough IMO.

When i am dealing with disks bigger that 1TB i prefer zfs because it puts my mind at ease. (my nas is freebsd for good out of the box experience). Debian with root on zfs is a hassle so usually i use zfs on the 2nd disk (this is where data goes).
I do not trust btrfs.

@ttyS1 @jpmens from what I've read Btrfs had a premature start which has cost it a lot of trust in the community. It was unstable, people lost data and never wanted to deal with it again.
Right now I think it's production-ready unless you do something really stupid (like I did) your data is safe there. So I think it's actually safer for non-technical users because they will not screw around with it. And I found out the Btrfs mailing list is a great place to ask for help if you do.

That sounds kind of reasonable i have to say.
OTOH: my current practices serve me well.

@jpmens I think ZFS is great, but fir home use Btrfs seems to be just easier. And the extra features of ZFS like SSD cache, hot spares etc don't matter in my use case. It's also easier to use Btrfs on root. That alone gave me a lot of trouble with ZFS in the past. They are both amazing, but different and have slightly different optimal use cases.

@unfa @jpmens And BTRFS is fairly stable for home use as well.
Same reason i am not using ZFS on my laptop. But i am using ZFS for mass storage.

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