Finally someone says something that makes sense about this.

Watch "Stop using VPNs." on YouTube

I am so sick of VPN services being shilled by all YouTube channels...

@unfa I don't know, the picture drawn in the video also causes some big misunderstandings.

The probably biggest one is that self-hosting a VPN is the better option. In most cases that's not true due to additional hardening work that is done by a good VPN provider such as IDS/IPS, quicker security updates, revisiting configurations, … As well as making the IP an non-unique identifier.

Not to talk about possible legal fights and more.

Interesting. The video references this article:

Some thoughts:

> just a glorified proxy
No, it is a single encrypted proxy, which limits your attack surface tremendously.

> VPN provider can see your traffic
If you don't use VPN, the same is true for your ISP.

> They hand it over to government
I expect them to, it's in the agreement. My ISP will do the same.

> They don't need your IP to track
giving it away with every browser connection is still a bad idea

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