New video! How do I set up a fresh Manjaro installation for audio production? I've got so many requests for this one - I hope it's going to be helpful :)

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Smart people know cardboard boxes are out to kill you, and stay away from them.
Look what happened to Hanka Mostowiak

@wolf480pl @rgh This refers to a famous Polish TV series event:
Apparetnly a character died after driving into cardboard boxes.

@unfa I am happy with my linux office computer since 21 years. I write this message to you using Manjaro/Awesome. Testing linux audio stuff for a while I have to say that KX-Studio is still the best. I ran Manjaro/Gnome on a partion in my studio and I deleted it. Why: Jack did not run stable and without dropouts. Renoise had on-offs. I installed KX again on the same hardware and with the same usb soundcards everything performed smooth again.
Is everything running fine on your system with Jack?

@unfa Very good and necessary video! Thanks and greatings!

@unfa Hey unfa, have you had conflicting packages in manjaro so far? I tried it a month ago and when i was about to install the kde browser extention for kdeconnect pacman told me the dependencies where fucked up. It was like the third thing I installed so the impressions weren't really good, specially when that package does not cause problems in pure arch.

@unfa Definitely going to be using this. All my day-to-day work is done with Linux, but audio I've still struggled with non-MacOS solutions. Hoping this is the kick I need!

@unfa ahahaha, now I'm tempted to install manjaro on my old desktop PC. You make it all look manageable 😆

@draco Awesome :D The least managable part was editing the actual video ;)

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