Today is the day of another monthly unfa livestream! I'll be making some music, taking your input, playing our music and giving feedback.

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Looks like YouTube is under heavy load and we might experience some external technical issues today. So far all seems well though.

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It all went well! Thank you for coming and submitting your music!

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@unfa wait.. Did I get this right? Can others copyright your video? 😮

@matiaslavik No :) There's an automated system on YouTube that detects 3rd party content in user's uploads and helps resolve the copyright claims for the users.

Some companies create false claims in hope you won't dispute that to get a few cents of of your videos (happened to me).

Tom Scott has made a great video about this recently, and he shows that YouTube is actually helping us a lot with this. Without it, what would happen is law suits on tiny creators like me.

@unfa thanks for the detailed answer!
Sounds like these companies have a lot in common with "patent trolls".. We really live in a flawed world ☹️
i guess this is mostly an issue in USA (and other countries with similar laws)? But it affects everyone using American services, like Youtube. So it's good that Youtube tries to do something about it then 👍 I am not a big fan of Google, but they do some things right 🙂

@unfa it really upsets me though.. How can someone try to steal money from independent creators who work so hard, like you do ☹️ They seem to feel no shame at all..

@matiaslavik Well, it works in both ways - if I make money off of ads or donations and my content is 30% someone's music I have no rights to - that's not fair either. It's difficult - I think both sides are abusing their power in this struggle. I wish we'd have a true copyleft culture being the dominant, but it's not the case. And companies like Disney push the law to be even worse for the freedom of culture.

@unfa seriously fuck YouTube. Have you checked out LBRY yet?

@unfa I clearly need to go back and watch your older videos, beg your pardon

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